Extra Large 21″ & 17″ Pearl Paper Fan Backdrop, Rosettes, Pinwheel


Extra Large 21″ & 17″ Pearl Paper Fan Backdrop, Rosette or Pinwheel

Make your party shine with the extra-large meticulously handcrafted rosettes/paper fans/pinwheels. Great coverage of around 5ft x 3ft and can be the center-piece and backdrop of your party. Different color combinations are available from the choice of 13 colors. Please check our other listings for different color combinations. Unique foldable design for easy storing and reusability. Durable and extra thick and heavy 250 gsm (very thick) pearl papers make them stand out from the other flimsy fans available around.


– A set of six extra-large hand crafted paper fans
– 4 pcs of 17″ and 2 pcs of 21″ fans. Large area coverage of about 5′ x 3′.
– Thick, durable and heavy 250 gsm shimmering pearl paper. 6 fans and its accessories weigh around 750 gms alone excluding packaging
– Fans are foldable. Easy to ship, store and re-use unlike the other one time fans on the market
– For birthdays, weddings and any other parties
– Colors : Orange, Champagme-pearl and Silver (other color options available, please check seller’s other listings)
– Large coverage with only 6 extra-large fans. This makes life easier to hang them on the wall considering many smaller fans in large quantity to provide same coverage


These rosettes come just as pictured but they are shipped as folded fans and some clips and the separate plug-in center piece. They are extra-large fans and this unique folding design makes it ship easily and very cost effectively considering their weight of 800 gms just for the 6 fans and their accessories without the packaging. They do not come attached to a surface like a poster board etc … , you will have to mount them yourself to the wall directly or on a poster board first if that’s easier. They can be easily attached by using command strips that can be purchased (we don’t supply those) from any local craft or departmental store (we love the scotch brand).

We have detailed pictorials shipped with the fans to show you step by step how easily you can unfold the fans and clip them to form a circular fan with the supplied clips, plug-in the clickable center piece and hang them on your wall.

If you still have a difficult time doing this, please message me and I would be happy to assist you.

Additional information

Weight2.2 lbs
Dimensions16 × 8 × 8 in


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